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Our products are used by a diverse user base. These are some of the comments we have received.

SpeedFiler Testimonials

I get 500+ emails a day and can't imagine coming to work without SpeedFiler. You guys put out a good product.
Jeremy J. Pennock, Area Manager - Escalations / VIP Customer Relations, AT&T National IP Service Center

SpeedFiler is wicked quick and sooooo simple. Can software be clean and mean? -- Because it's that too. After installing and learning SpeedFiler (a two minute process), I crushed 500 pieces of email in about an hour and a half and have been able to keep my inbox empty ever since. In short, SpeedFiler ROCKS!
James White, New Jersey

Just wanted to say, "Great product!" I just heard about it the other day, and bought my license the same day, after trying it for 30 minutes. I never would have suspected a filing add-on could be so useful -- and almost fun to use.
Steve Krug, Advanced Common Sense

It is a great product – I love it.
John Plant, Director of Operations, Focsa Services (UK) Ltd.

Keep up the good work, it's a great tool and has helped me conquer my huge inbox; I now can file my emails with ease and my inbox is now usually running at 20-30 emails!
Chris West, New Zealand

I love your product. Simple, clean and very functional. When I first got it, I went through roughly 1000 email messages in about an hour. It went a long way to help me get my inbox to Zero.
Rob Wendt, Engineering Design Analysis Services

First, let me say that I love SpeedFiler! I receive about 100 non-spam emails a day, and I file them all, so your product is very helpful -- I had long wondered if it were possible to hack outlook to file messages via the keyboard. Thanks for building it!
Jesse Schell, CEO, Schell Games LLC

I find SpeedFiler one of the most useful utilities I own. Since acquiring it, my management of more than 500 emails a day in more than 1,250 folder is so much easier.
R. Spencer Darling, E-BZZZ, Inc.

THANK YOU for developing SpeedFiler... it’s awesome. Your product has saved me over an hour each day. At the risk of being dramatic, that’s literally extending my (useful) life. You’ve solved all my inbox management woes.
Brian Phillips, Director, PayPal International Marketplaces, eBay

I can't imagine filing email without it at this point--it's way too cool.
Steven Klassen, Network Engineer, HP

This is a GREAT resource. It has already saved me a great deal of time. Well worth the $20.
Phill Martin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, NACBA

Thanks, you guys are great, I wished all of my tech support were this easy. I love the product, its easy to use and intuitive. It's really one of the few products that really delivers what it promises.
David Sergi, Sergi & Associates PLLC

Thanks again for making such a great product!
Kim Floyde, Director, Support & Development Team, Intranet Concepts, Inc.

Speedfiler does just that - enables quick filing of Outlook messages. It works great, and I really appreciate having Speedfiler. It helps me keep my email under control. I receive somewhere between 100 and 300 messages a day.
Mike Silano, New York

Congratulations, again, on having produced this fantastic application. I wish you and your organization continued success with your products. As an end user, Claritude can be reassured that it will always have a customer in me.
Clayton Lai, Director, The Reservoir Productions

You have a great product that is enhancing my productivity daily!
Tim Droz, Sr. Director, Program Management, Canesta

An excellent tool.
Elliott L., Raytheon Corp.

The product is great - it's been saving me a lot of time.
Carter Allen, President, CGA Technology Counsel

SpeedFiler is one application that I feel lost without. It's so good that I want something similar in an Explorer interface - and you will too!
David Laing, Programme Manager, CentrePort Wellington, New Zealand

Great product. Saves an enormous amount of time! I love my nice clean inbox and sent items box!
Robert Cash, Illinois

Thank you for writing a terrific program!!!! I've been wanting this functionality for years and you've implemented it perfectly. Nicely done!
Terrence Curley, Vice President of Operations, Emptoris

Thank you very much for the fantastic product. Speedfiler has been instrumental in me getting to "inbox 0", and I don't know how I could stay there without SpeedFiler.
Aaron Junod

After an hour and filing 200 items, I'm in love.
Ilan Perez

Thanks for creating such a polished, efficient product.
Nathan Merrill, Executive Director of Financial Services, Bethesda Management

This tool rocks!
Manuel Hoffmann, Director, Business Development, ScaleMP

Great tool, not sure how I really worked without it beforehand.
Shai Fultheim, Founder & CTO, ScaleMP

It's great to see so much attention to details being put into a tiny -- any -- piece of software, and I'm looking forward to SpeedFiler getting even better.
Heinz Tschabitscher,

What a great piece of software, not only saves time, but makes me more disciplined.
Roger W. Gale, President & CEO, GF Energy, LLC

I'm normally a sceptic when it comes to trying new add-ins for products, and with email being totally mission critical for my role, plus having over 4 years of email archived in over 500 folders whilst in Finjan, I was to say the least very nervous about trying the software. After several of my colleagues showed me how they were using it, I decided to take the plunge, and thereafter, and without really noticing it after the first day of the trial, I was stunned at how much the concept of going back to using the "drag and drop outlook approach" of filing my email filled me with dread. Without doubt, SpeedFiler lives up to its name, and consistently improves the speed with which you can file your email away into meaningful folders allowing easy retrieval at a later date.
Tim Warner, Enterprise Accounts Director ~ EMEA, Finjan Software

Thanks for the ridiculously fast support, and for such a fantastic product.
Derek Halvorson

It has been a Godsend by improving my productivity working with the over 300 Outlook Personal folders, not to mention my Archive folders!
Elliott Lowe, Director of Marketing, Computer Associates

As someone who uses email as an indispensable information gathering tool, it is imperative that I be able to keep track of my message flow. SpeedFiler enables me to do just that by allowing me to sort all outgoing emails, ensuring that I can always find the message I want, when I want.
Liza Farachdel, Technical Documentation Specialist, Transchip

I really love your SpeedFiler product, especially being able to store sent items directly into the relevant folders. This saves me having to CC: myself on every email I send.
Sharon Barnett, Documentation Leader, SuperDerivatives Inc.

I was dreading the initial clean-up of my inbox, but SpeedFiler made that almost pleasurable, in no small measure due to the totally intuitive Go to Folder feature. SpeedFiler helps me organise my emails in real-time without having to think about it. I'm looking forward to more utilities from Claritude.
Malcolm Isaacs, Team Leader, Mercury

Before SpeedFiler, my Sent box was a maze of messages, now everything is filed as I send it, making retrieval and review of my messages so much more manageable, with no extra effort when sending the email.
Jeff Feuer, Chief Financial Officer, SPO Medical

Having to deal with over 200 important emails a day, with SpeedFiler's help, my Inbox is now empty at the end of every day, and I am sure each email I read or send is properly filed where I need it to be! I've also been able to retrieve every message I look for with pinpoint accuracy, because everything is in its proper folder.
Amit Shaked, VP Products and Technologies,

SpeedFiler has made my work easier and I feel much more productive. I spend hours every day reading and sorting emails, and since using SpeedFiler I can't even think of going back to the old, SLOW, way of dragging every email to a folder in a long folder tree – I wonder how much time was wasted on this!
Avi Dardik, Product Manager, Finjan Software

I just used the "Go To Folder..." toolbar feature for the first time. I wanted to find an e-mail address. Previously I'd have to drill down. Here I just typed a few letters and ENTER, that was it.
Moshe Rubin, Team Leader, Finjan Software

I've become addicted to SpeedFiler like no other software!
Rachel BenHanoch, Director of Operations, Xkey, M-Systems

This product is great. When I ran through the Wizard and it asked me questions, I kept saying "Wow, I always wanted that!"
Yanai Moore, Network Manager, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK

I could not live without your tool anymore!!
Werner Thalmeier, Senior Technical Account Manager, Finjan Software

All in all, it has made my filing work much easier. It is sobering to think about the thousands of times that I scrolled down the Outlook pane, found the parent folder, opened it up and dragged the e-mail there. SpeedFiler's enabling me to right-click and type a few letters to file away is empowering.
Moshe Rubin, Team Leader, Finjan Software

I use SpeedFiler to immediately file my outgoing messages. It saves me so much time. I can later find anything I want because it is all filed.
Rachel BenHanoch, Director of Operations, Xkey, M-Systems


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