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SpeedFiler 1.0.1 Release Notes

Part  Number: RN-SF-01-00-01-0481
Published:       14 February 2006
Last updated: 12 June 2006


What is SpeedFiler?

SpeedFiler is a Microsoft Outlook add-on that helps you keep your email organized by speeding up the process of filing your incoming and outgoing messages, without requiring you to change the way you work or organize your mail. If you send and receive lots of e-mail, like to keep it filed, and have many folders in a hierarchical structure, SpeedFiler will save you time.

Key Features

  • Quickly file received messages
    In order to file a message, pick a recently used folder or launch the streamlined "File In Folder" window to quickly select the desired folder. SpeedFiler's window is much faster than Outlook's; as you type the name of a folder, only the matching folders are displayed. These can also be expanded in order to show their sub-folders.
  • Easily specify where to file sent messages
    When you are composing a message, the SpeedFiler toolbar displays the name of the folder in which it will be filed after sending. You can specify a different location with a couple of clicks, by picking a recently used folder or launching SpeedFiler's "File In Folder" window.
    • In contrast with Outlook, SpeedFiler allows you to specify a destination folder that is not in the default message store.
  • Automatic prompt to file outgoing messages
    If you did not specify a folder in which to file an outgoing message, SpeedFiler can prompt you to do this when you hit the Send button. (This is configurable.)
  • Streamlined navigation to Outlook folders
    Just type in a few letters from the folder's name into the appropriate field on the SpeedFiler toolbar and hit Enter, or open SpeedFiler's streamlined "Go To Folder" window and SpeedFiler will present you with a list of matches as you type. These can also be expanded in order to show their sub-folders. You might even find that you no longer need Outlook's Shortcut Bar!
  • Alternative default Sent Items folder
    Unlike Outlook, SpeedFiler allows you to choose the default Sent Items folder. If you work with Microsoft Exchange, but file your messages in a local message store, you can now save your sent messages directly to your local  message store.
  • Ergonomic design
    SpeedFiler is optimized for fast and efficient interaction with the user via the keyboard and/or mouse. It is generally unobtrusive, making itself noticeable only when necessary or relevant.

What's New?

SpeedFiler 1.0.1

This release is a maintenance release that fixes some outstanding minor issues.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: SpeedFiler Toolbar Disappears When Next/Previous Item Command Is Used   [KI-SF-0028-F]
    In some configurations, if a message is displayed in its own window, and the user displays the previous or next message in the same window by using Outlook's Next Item or Previous Item commands, the SpeedFiler Toolbar disappears.

  • Fixed: SpeedFiler Toolbar Disappears from Automatically Opened Item after Previous Item Deleted or Moved   [KI-SF-0031-F]
    If Outlook XP or 2003 is configured to display the next/previous item when the currently open item is deleted or moved, the SpeedFiler toolbar will be unavailable for the message automatically opened after the previous one was moved or deleted.

  • Fixed: Occasional Unexpected Error When Sending Messages using Word   [KI-SF-0033-F]
    If SpeedFiler is configured to prompt for a folder when sending messages, and Outlook is configured to use Word to compose new messages, the following unexpected error occasionally occurs when the Send button is clicked: "405 - Cannot show modal form in this context".

  • Fixed: Incorrect Folder Selection if Folder Selection Window Dismissed Before Matches Displayed   [KI-SF-0034-F]
    In the folder selection window, if the user types the name of a folder and immediately clicks Enter without waiting to see the matches displayed in the tree, the selected folder is the one highlighted in the tree prior to entry of the search text.
    Fix Note: If you know that there is only one folder that matches your text, you can now type in its name and hit Enter without waiting to see it displayed in the tree. This makes for super-fast folder selection!

  • Fixed: Occasional Beep Following Entry of First Character in Folder Selection Window   [KI-SF-0035-F]
    Just after typing the first letter in the folder selection window, SpeedFiler occasionally complains that there are too many matches, with an accompanying beep. Although factually correct, this warning comes too fast for some users.

SpeedFiler 1.0.0

Everything is new — this is the first generally available release of SpeedFiler.

Download & Installation Instructions

Before downloading and/or installing the product, check the system requirements to verify that your environment is supported.

Download Instructions

Download the product from the Claritude Download page

Installation Instructions

  1. Close all Microsoft Outlook windows.
  2. Run the setup wizard.
  3. Start Microsoft Outlook.

System Requirements

  • The following operating systems are supported:
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
    • Microsoft Windows XP Professional & Home
  • The following e-mail client programs are supported:
    • Microsoft Outlook 2000 (Internet or Exchange)
    • Microsoft Outlook XP (Internet or Exchange)
    • Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Internet or Exchange)

Known Issues

  • SpeedFiler does not prompt to file messages sent using other application's "Send To Mail Recipient" feature   [KI-SF-0002]
    If you use another application's "Send To Mail Recipient" feature to send a document via e-mail, SpeedFiler may not prompt you to file the outgoing message. This is because some applications activate Outlook in a such a way that the add-ins are not loaded.

  • Flagged messages marked as complete cannot be filed   [KI-SF-0003]
    Attempting to file a flagged message that has been marked as completed will result in an error message.
    Workaround: Drag the message and drop it into the desired folder.

  • Using Microsoft Word as the default message editor in Outlook   [KI-SF-0004]
    If you have configured Outlook so that you compose your messages in Microsoft Word, the following limitations apply:
    • Outlook 2000
      The SpeedFiler toolbar is not displayed and SpeedFiler will not prompt you to file outgoing messages; they will be filed according to the Outlook settings for outgoing messages.
    • Outlook XP/2003
      The SpeedFiler toolbar is not displayed, but SpeedFiler will still prompt you to file outgoing messages, if so configured.

  • Toolbar remains after uninstalling   [KI-SF-0005]
    After uninstalling SpeedFiler, the SpeedFiler toolbar will no longer be visible, but will remain on the list of available toolbars.
    Workaround: Remove the SpeedFiler toolbar as follows: choose Customize on the Tools menu, select SpeedFiler in the list of toolbars, then click Delete.

  • Folder tree does not scroll to show folder after navigation   [KI-SF-0006]
    In Outlook 2003, when SpeedFiler's Go To Folder command is used to navigate to a folder, although the folder is successfully displayed and its contents are listed, the folder tree does not scroll to display the selected folder.

  • Folders in newly-opened data store (PST file) not recognized   [KI-SF-0007]
    When a new data store (PST file) is opened, SpeedFiler will not automatically list its folders as matches in the Go To Folder or File In Folder windows.
    Workaround: Restart Outlook.

  • SpeedFiler Not Available in Microsoft Outlook's Advanced Find Window   [KI-SF-0009]
    SpeedFiler is not available in Microsoft Outlook's Advanced Find window. In addition, the key combination Ctrl+Shift+V will not invoke Outlook's Move to Folder command in the Advanced Find window.
    Workaround: Use the Move to Folder command on the Edit menu or the right-click menu.

  • PST & OST selections are discarded   [KI-SF-0021]
    In the SpeedFiler Options window, on the Other tab, if the PST & OST settings are changed, and the user subsequently displays one of the other tabs, when returning to the Other tab, the changes previously made to the PST & OST settings are discarded.
    Workaround: After configuring the PST & OST settings, click OK.

  • No SpeedFiler toolbar in embedded message   [KI-SF-0022]
    In Outlook 2000 only, if a message is included as an attachment in another message, when this "embedded" message is opened, the SpeedFiler toolbar is not available in its window.

  • Go To Folder Dropdown List Empty At Outlook Startup   [KI-SF-0025]
    If Outlook is configured to start up in the "Outlook Today" folder, or in another such view that does not display a list of messages, the Go To Folder dropdown list on Outlook's main window toolbar is empty. As soon as a message is highlighted, the dropdown will contain a list of recently used folders.

  • SpeedFiler's Folder Tree Incorrect After Specific Changes in Outlook Folder Hierarchy   [KI-SF-0026]
    SpeedFiler tracks any changes in the folder tree structure. However, if an Outlook folder that has no "siblings" (i.e. has no other folders under the same "parent" folder) is moved to a different part of the folder tree, SpeedFiler will subsequently represent the folder at both the old and new locations, when displaying the tree in the folder selection window.
    Workaround: When Outlook is restarted, SpeedFiler scans the folder structure again and represents the tree correctly.

  • SpeedFiler Toolbar Remains When SpeedFiler Add-in Disconnected   [KI-SF-0027]
    If the SpeedFiler is manually disconnected while Outlook is running, typically via Outlook's COM Add-ins window, the SpeedFiler toolbars will remain visible and will not be automatically removed.
    Workaround: To remove the toolbars manually, choose Customize on the Tools menu, select SpeedFiler in the list of toolbars, then click Delete.

  • Not Supported: Hebrew, Arabic and Other Non-Western Character Sets   [KI-SF-0036]
    The folder tree in the folder selection window does not currently support folder names consisting of Hebrew, Arabic and other non-western characters. Entering a search term in these character sets is also not currently supported.

  • Filing an Item in its Current Location Generates an Error   [KI-SF-0037]
    If you attempt to file an item in the folder where it currently resides (i.e. the end result is that it stays where it is), SpeedFiler issues the following message: One or more item(s) could not be moved to the specified folder. Check that this folder is available. (Message code: 2200)

  • Some Outgoing Messages are Saved in Outlook's Sent Items Folder   [KI-SF-0038]
    In Outlook 2003, if you have defined an alternative folder to use for sent items instead of Outlook's default Sent Items folder, outgoing messages that have been saved in Drafts (either manually or automatically after a few minutes) will end up in Outlook's default Sent Items folder. In this case, you will also not be prompted for a folder when you click the Send button.

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