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Super-Fast Way to Select a Folder

SpeedFiler's folder selection window is optimized to allow you to select a folder in the fastest possible way. After typing Ctrl+Shift+V (file the current item) or Ctrl+Y (bavigate to a folder) to open the folder selection window, you start by using the keyboard to type in a few letters of the folder name, and then select one of the displayed matches.

Don't be tempted to switch to the mouse in order to highlight and confirm your choice! It's much quicker not to move your hands away from the keyboard, and instead, to use the up/down arrow keys to move up and down the list of matches. Even though the cursor starts out in the Folder Name text field, the arrow keys will act on the tree, moving the focus to the tree automatically.

Opening up a branch in the tree is also easy: just use the right arrow ->. Closing a branch is just as easy. You guessed it: use the left arrow <-.

Once you have highlighted the relevant folder, just hit Enter -- don't bother using the mouse.

To summarize the steps:

  1. Type Ctrl+Shift+V or Ctrl+Y to open the folder selection window for filing or navigation, respectively.
  2. Type the beginning of the folder name.
  3. If there are multiple matching folders, use the arrow keys (typically just the up/down keys are needed). If there is only one matching folder, it will be displayed at its natural position in the tree -- skip this step.
  4. Hit Enter.

This procedure is super-fast and can take 3-5 seconds instead of up to a minute when you drag-and-drop or use the original Outlook folder selection window.


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