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Folders from a PST file do not appear in SpeedFiler

Folders from a specific PST file do not appear in SpeedFiler's folder selection dialog in the All Folders tab, and are not listed when matching text is entered.


  • SpeedFiler is configured not to index the specific data store (PST file).
  • SpeedFiler 2.0 has not yet scanned this PST file in the background. In this case, its default folders such as Deleted Items should appear, but not necessarily all its folders.


  1. Check the box next to the corresponding PST file in the list of Personal Folder Files on the "Other" tab of the SpeedFiler Options window.
  2. If the box was checked, it is possible that SpeedFiler will index the PST file within a few minutes, after which its folders should appear.
Latest SpeedFiler version: 2.0.0

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