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SpeedFiler Tips & Tricks

SpeedFiler users are usually very busy people, so here are some time-saving tips to help you get the most out of SpeedFiler and Outlook.

Super-Fast Way to Select a Folder
How to use SpeedFiler to select a folder and file a message in seconds, rather than standard Outlook methods, which can take up to a minute or more. 

Keep Track of Overdue Responses
How to use SpeedFiler with Outlook to keep track of emails to which you need replies.

Fast & Easy Way to File Original Message When Replying
When you reply to a message, SpeedFiler promts you for a folder in which to file the outgoing message. Here's a quick way to file the original in the same location.

Display your folders in non-alphabetical order
If you don't like Outlook displaying your folders in alphabetical order, here's how to define an alternative order, and how to use SpeedFiler to select these folders quickly.

For Exchange Users: How to store outgoing items in your local data store
For Exchange users: how to ensure that your outgoing emails are stored in your local PST along with all your incoming messages.

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