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Get Organized with the SpeedFiler™ Outlook Add-in

Do you have over 100 messages in your inbox?

SpeedFiler is a Microsoft® Outlook® add-in that helps you keep your inbox free of clutter and boosts your email productivity, by making it extremely easy to file your mail away. Ideal for people with tens or hundreds of folders!

Is all your outgoing email dumped in Sent Items?

SpeedFiler makes it easy to file and organize your outgoing messages in appropriate folders, in the same way that you file incoming messages. SpeedFiler gently prompts you for a folder when you send a message, so your outgoing mail is filed with hardly any effort.  

SpeedFiler Features & Benefits

  • Super-fast folder selection window makes filing almost effortless.
  • Prompts you for a folder when you send a message.
  • Easily find and jump to folders.
  • Does not force you to change the way you work.
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How to Get SpeedFiler

  • SpeedFiler is available for a free 30-day trial.
  • Pricing: Personal version: US$24.95, Professional version: US$39.95
  • SpeedFiler requires a working installation of Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 on Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, XP or Vista.

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