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Attention SpeedFiler Users!
SpeedFiler Just Got Faster and Smarter!

In SpeedFiler 2.0, we have added features that make SpeedFiler even faster and more powerful than ever. If you thought SpeedFiler 1.x was a time-saver, wait until you see what SpeedFiler 2.0 has to offer you!

Load time reduced by nearly 100%

Outlook now starts up immediately -- SpeedFiler no longer pauses to scan the folder structure. Instead, SpeedFiler does all its scanning in the background while you carry on working.

SpeedFiler knows where you want to file your messages!

File a message in the correct folder, using a single click!
SpeedFiler analyzes your messages and typically "just knows" where you'll probably want to file a message.

This allows SpeedFiler to help you file a high percentage of your incoming messages with just a single click!

This feature is a terrific time-saver! 


Two for the price of one: auto-file original messages when you reply

File original message when replying
SpeedFiler on Outlook 2007 ribbon
When you reply to a message that is sitting in the Inbox, you can now automatically file the original message in the same folder as the outgoing reply. Just ensure that the new "File Original Message Too" toolbar button is selected, or use the new "File the original message with this reply" checkbox when you are prompted for a folder (see below).


Improved Folder Selection Dialog 

Folder Selection Dialog

Other Improvements

SpeedFiler has been improved in many other ways. See the release notes for a complete list.

Evaluation & Pricing

  • How long does the evaluation last?
    If you are using version 1.x (or have evaluated it in the past), you will have 14 days to evaluate the new version. If you need more time, just ask
  • How much does SpeedFiler 2.0 cost?
    SpeedFiler 2.0 costs $24.95 (Personal) and $39.95 (Professional)
    More information...

  • Is there a discount for registered users?
    Yes, registered users can upgrade for $14.95 (Personal) or $24.95 (Professional)
    More information...

  • Can I downgrade back to version 1.x if I don't like the new version?
    If you install the upgrade, but decide not to purchase it yet, you can easily go back to the previous version - just download and install version 1.1.2 again.


Download SpeedFiler (3 MB)

Quotes from SpeedFiler 2.0 Users

Wow! I’m really blown away with what you’ve done! The "intelligence" is really intelligent and hitting the nail on the head every time I go to file!

SpeedFiler 2 has just blown me away. It practically has ESP. And, file original message with Reply is great. The time savings is phenomenal. I can't imagine
e-mail in Outlook without SpeedFiler.

The intelligent folder suggestions feature is fantastic -- really quick, easy, and helpful !!

The suggested folder is a wonderful feature and uncanny in its ability to guess the right location. The load time reduction is also a welcome improvement.

You weren't kidding about the improved performance -- wow!!! That's really impressive!

Thanks for the great software. I really appreciate the faster speedup. The automatic folder suggestions is so accurate it's almost scary.

SpeedFiler 2.0 with the folder suggestions is incredible! I couldn’t buy it fast enough after running the beta.


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