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  • Customizable folder for sent messages
    While Outlook's Sent Items folder location is fixed and cannot be changed, SpeedFiler allows you to designate a folder to be used as the default Sent Items folder. If you work with Microsoft Exchange, but file your messages in a local message store, you can now save your sent messages directly to your local message store.

    SpeedFiler Options Window
  • Automatic prompt to file outgoing messages
    If you generally like to file outgoing messages in appropriate folders, SpeedFiler can prompt you to specify a folder for an outgoing message, if you forget to choose one while composing the message. This ensures that important outgoing messages are stored in relevant folders together with related correspondence and not mixed up with many other issues in the default catch-all Sent Items folder.
  • Mark filed messages as read
    When you select multiple items in Outlook's main window, and use SpeedFiler to file them, SpeedFiler can mark the unread items as read, before moving them to their destination. This indicates that you have handled them, and prevents Outlook from displaying the folder name in bold text.
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