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Pre-file Outgoing Messages

When you are composing a message, SpeedFiler makes it easy to predetermine the folder in which it will be filed after sending. This ensures that outgoing correspondence related to a particular issue is kept in the same folder as the incoming messages, and not in the catch-all Sent Items folder.

  • The SpeedFiler toolbar shows the folder (in this case, Marketing) in which the outgoing message will be filed, after it has been successfully sent.
  • SpeedFiler Menu in Compose WindowThe menu shows folders that you are likely to choose, followed by recently used folders. The message used for the example is a reply to a message that has already been filed in the Marketing folder, so Marketing is the first choice offered, as it is likely that this is the appropriate folder.
  • To help you distinguish between multiple folders of the same name, folders with names that occur more than once in Outlook's data stores are qualified with their unique paths.
  • If the folder you want is not displayed, you can use the File In... command to display the File In Folder window, where it is easy to locate and select the folder you want.
  • While Outlook does not allow you to save outgoing items in a folder that is not in the default data store, SpeedFiler allows you to overcome this restriction. 
  • If you forget to choose a folder for a message, SpeedFiler can be configured to prompt you when you click the Send button, and open the File In Folder window.
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