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File Received Messages Quickly

The SpeedFiler toolbar appears in Outlook's main window and in each individual message window. You can use it to file received items.

SpeedFiler Toolbar

The File In drop-down menu displays the names of recently used folders, as well as an option to search for the folder you want. To help you distinguish between multiple folders of the same name, folders with names that occur more than once in Outlook's data stores are qualified with their unique paths.

SpeedFiler File In Menu

Clicking on File In... opens the File In Folder window, where you can find and select the desired folder.  The Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut is the same as the one Outlook uses for its own Move to Folder command. By default, SpeedFiler intercepts this shortcut instead of Outlook, though this is optional.

In addition, when you select multiple items in Outlook's main window, and use SpeedFiler to file them, SpeedFiler can optionally mark the unread items as read, before moving them to their destination.

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