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File In Folder Window

This window is used for locating and selecting folders when filing messages and navigating.

Just start typing the folder's name (you don't even have to start at the beginning) and SpeedFiler will present you with a list of matching folders as you type. Once you see the folder you want, just use your keyboard's up and down keys to change the selected folder. You do not need to use the mouse or ensure that the correct field is active — just type letters or use the up/down keys anywhere. This ergonomic design is intended to save the time-consuming and frustrating transition between keyboard and mouse.

SpeedFiler's File In Folder Window

If there is only one folder that matches the text you entered, it is displayed in context, at its natural place in the tree with all its parents and siblings. However, if there are multiple folders that match, these are displayed as root-nodes, and can be opened to reveal their subordinate folders.

If there is more than one folder with the same name displayed in the tree, each is qualified by its unique path.

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