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Additional Features in SpeedFiler

  • Automatic prompt to file outgoing messages
    If you forget to specify a folder in which to file an outgoing message, SpeedFiler can be configured to prompt you to do this when you hit the Send button. 
  • Alternative default Sent Items folder
    Unlike Outlook, SpeedFiler allows you to choose the default Sent Items folder. If you work with Microsoft Exchange, but file your messages in a local message store, you can now save your sent messages directly to your local message store.
  • Mark filed messages as read
    You can file multiple messages together in the same folder. If some of these are marked as unread, SpeedFiler can be configured to mark these as read, so that the folder name on the tree does not unnecessarily appear in bold text.
  • Ergonomic design
    SpeedFiler is optimized for fast and efficient interaction with the user via the keyboard and/or mouse. It is generally unobtrusive, making itself noticeable only when necessary or relevant.
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