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Key Features in SpeedFiler

SpeedFiler IconSpeedFiler integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook to make it easier to file your incoming and outgoing messages, helping you keep your mail organized. If you send and receive lots of email, like to keep it filed, and have many folders in a hierarchical structure, SpeedFiler will save you time.
  • Quickly file received messages
    SpeedFiler's streamlined File In Folder window is much faster than Outlook's; as you type the name of a folder, only the matching folders are displayed, SpeedFiler Screenshotsirrespective of where they may be in the tree. This significantly shortens the time taken to file a message, and minimizes the effort involved. More details...
  • File outgoing messages as you send them
    When you are composing a message, SpeedFiler makes it easy to predetermine the folder in which it will be filed after sending. This ensures that outgoing correspondence related to a particular issue is kept in the same folder as the incoming messages, and not in the catch-all Sent Items folder. More details...
  • Easily find and jump to folders
    Just type in a few letters of the folder's name into the appropriate field on the SpeedFiler toolbar and hit Enter, or open SpeedFiler's streamlined Go To Folder window and SpeedFiler will present you with a list of matches as you type. You might even find that you no longer need Outlook's Shortcut Bar! More details...
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