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Now Available: SpeedFiler 1.1.2 Maintenance Release

26 March 2007

SpeedFiler 1.1.2 contains minor feature improvements and addresses a number of issues discovered recently.

New Features, Improvements & Changes

  • Single character search strings match beginnings only
    In the folder selection window, SpeedFiler displays all folders whose names contain the search text. If only a single character is entered, SpeedFiler will now list all the folders whose names begin with that character. This is much more useful than showing all the folders with names containing that character.

  • Reduced memory footprint
    SpeedFiler's internal data structure has been improved, significantly reducing the amount of memory that SpeedFiler consumes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Outlook 2007 would occasionally offer to disable SpeedFiler when shutting down.
  • Fixed: The "File In" and "SpeedFiler" buttons would occasionally disappear from SpeedFiler's main toolbar.

See the release notes for further details.

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