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Claritude Software Improves Email Productivity and Enhances Compliance with SpeedFiler™ 1.1

8 January 2007

Tel-Aviv, Israel -- January 8, 2007 -- Claritude Software has released SpeedFiler™ 1.1, an update to its flagship SpeedFiler™ for Outlook product. SpeedFiler 1.1 boasts support for Microsoft's newly released platforms, Outlook 2007 and Windows Vista, as well as improved performance and stability.

SpeedFiler is a productivity enhancing add-in for Microsoft Outlook, that is designed to help busy people cope with email overload, by keeping their email inboxes free of clutter. SpeedFiler does this by using a patent pending method to streamline the process of filing incoming and outgoing email messages, without forcing users to change the way they work.

SpeedFiler is proving especially popular with law firms, as it facilitates effortless filing of outgoing messages in the corresponding client and matter folders, rather than letting them accumulate in the Sent Items folder.

"With the recent tightening of regulations regarding email retention and discovery, we are seeing a sharp rise in the number of companies that are deploying SpeedFiler in order to encourage their employees to file their messages appropriately," said Itzy Sabo, Claritude Software's founder.

Key Features of SpeedFiler:

SpeedFiler's streamlined File In Folder and Go To Folder windows are much faster than those provided by Outlook. As you type the name of a folder, only the matching folders are displayed, irrespective of where they may be in the tree. This significantly shortens the time taken to file a message or navigate to a folder, and minimizes the effort involved.

SpeedFiler also makes it easy to file outgoing messages as you send them. When you are composing a message, SpeedFiler makes it easy to predetermine the folder in which it will be filed after sending. This ensures that outgoing correspondence related to a particular issue is kept in the same folder as the incoming messages, and not in the catch-all Sent Items folder.


SpeedFiler costs $24.95 per copy. Volume licensing is available. A 30-day evaluation version of SpeedFiler is available for download at

About Claritude Software

Claritude Software was founded in 2005 with the mission of helping busy people to increase their productivity, by providing tools to manage their email, tasks and commitments more effectively.

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