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About Claritude Software

Claritude Software was founded in 2005 with the mission of helping busy people to increase their productivity, by providing tools to manage their email, tasks and commitments more effectively.

Itzy Sabo, Founder

Itzy SaboItzy is a seasoned hi-tech manager with over 15 years experience in developing and managing a diverse range of software products at both technology start-ups and established companies, including network security appliances and software, Internet products, development tools and enterprise information systems. Itzy most recently served as Vice President of Product Management at Finjan Software, a successful network security company.

Itzy has been practicing the art of Getting Things Done (GTD) since the beginning of 2004, and he founded Claritude Software as a natural step in his quest for productivity enhancing tools.

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The SpeedFiler Story

Battling to stay on top of literally hundreds of emails every day in a vibrant company which rose with the sun in Asia and turned off the lights late in the California evening, Itzy looked around for tools to help him cope. After trying a number of these products, and coming to the realization that there was no magic cure, Itzy understood that he would have to build his own tools.

Itzy realized that although he had a number of problems, the single most significant contribution to his stress was his email inbox, which contained thousands of messages. He had read or at least scanned most of these, and even acted upon the critical ones, so why were they still languishing in his inbox and clouding his vision? Identifying the urgent messages was not the problem — Itzy's highly customized Outlook environment took care of this — it was in how they were handled after being read. Or more accurately, how these messages were not being handled.

Further analysis showed that most of these needed to be filed in one of Itzy's few hundred folders (one for each customer, project, product, version, and so on), and this was not happening. It was not happening for a very simple reason: Microsoft Outlook's user interface does not make it easy to file messages when you have lots of folders. Dragging and dropping requires a lot of patience while waiting for the folder tree to scroll and the parent folders to open. Filing via Outlook's Move to Folder window is also tedious, having to scroll and manually open each parent folder until the desired folder is visible. Predetermining the final resting place of outgoing messages is even more tedious, as this feature requires many clicks to reach, and is just as cumbersome.

Itzy solved this usability problem by building an Outlook add-in that replaced Outlook's user interface for filing messages, with a much more ergonomical interface. It made an immediate difference to his inbox! Itzy started offering it to colleagues and friends who suffered from similar symptoms, and before long, SpeedFiler, as it was dubbed, became a standard part of Outlook for these people.

There are many other aspects to dealing with email overload, not all of which can be solved by software. This is the story of how a simple solution to a seemingly minor usability issue, has significantly improved the work habits of many users, without attempting to force them to change the way they work. Claritude Software was formed to continue this journey by developing additional tools to help busy people cope with their ever-increasing workloads.


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